What Are Some Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas?


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Gender-neutral nurseries often feature cool color schemes, including white and grey. Parents who want to make their gender-neutral nursery stand out can opt for bold patterns; cool colors can be paired with brighter ones.

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To prevent a gender-neutral nursery from looking dull, parents can pair striking colors with less vivid ones: for example, a cool grey with vibrant aqua. Aqua also looks great against a warm orange or red. Alternatively, soft beige walls across most of the room with patterned wallpaper on a statement wall could make the room more interesting. Accessories can complement a gender-neutral color scheme. Wicker baskets, soft toys in the form of stones or leaves, wood and anything else with a natural texture accessorizes the room and keeps it neutral. Nature-inspired themes use a variety of colors and patterns that both genders enjoy. This includes seaside motifs, woodland designs and features like stars, animals and clouds.

Gender-neutral nurseries are popular with parents who choose not to know their baby's sex and parents who are having multiples of both sexes. Once the baby is born, it's possible to adapt the nursery to suit a specific gender. One benefit of keeping a nursery gender-neutral is that it remains suitable for future children.

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