How Do You Gel Stain Cabinets?

How Do You Gel Stain Cabinets?

Gel stain cabinets by sanding them, applying the gel stain and adding a clear finish. This timing on this project depends on both how many cabinets you want to stain and the drying times of your chosen products. You need a screwdriver, sander, gel stain, clear finish and a rag.

  1. Remove the cabinet hardware

    Use the screwdriver to remove all cabinet hardware. This includes the hinges, handles and knobs.

  2. Sand the cabinets

    Before sanding the cabinets, clean them thoroughly with water and allow them to dry. Sand the cabinets with low grit sandpaper. Make sure to sand with, not against, the grain. After sanding, wipe away all dust.

  3. Apply the gel stain

    Cover countertops and floors with protective plastic sheeting. Open the can of gel stain and stir it thoroughly. Apply a coat of gel stain to the cabinets using a rag. Allow the stain to sit for three minutes before removing any excess. Do not wait more than three minutes or the gel will dry and become sticky.

  4. Allow the stain to dry

    Allow the stain to dry completely before adding any further products.

  5. Add the clear finish

    After allowing the stain to dry for 24 hours, add a protective coat of clear finish.