How Is a GE WB44T10011 Electric Oven Bake Element Replaced?


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Purchase a new bake element, and swap it out with the old component. This process should only take a few minutes if all wires and screws are kept intact.

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Buy a new bake element. Make sure the new element is the same brand and model as the element being replaced. Unplug the oven, open it and take out the oven racks. Remove the two screws that hold the old bake element to the back of the oven. Keep these screws close by for the application of the new element.

There are two wires behind the element that connects it to the stove. Make sure not to lose these wires in the insulation or behind the stove. Disconnect the wires from the old bake element. Remove the old bake element from the oven and discard it. Place the new bake element into the oven.

Connect the wires to the back of the new element. Screw the new element back into place, and make sure both the wires and screws are secure. Put the oven racks into their respective locations within the oven. Push the oven back into place, and plug it in. Test out the electric range to make sure the new bake element is working properly.

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