Is the GE Profile Oven Easy to Clean?


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The GE Profile ovens have a self-cleaning feature, making them very easy to clean. This feature saves owners a lot of time and money on cleaning products.

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A self-cleaning oven, such as the GE Profile, is cleaned by temperatures that go well above normal oven temperatures. During the self-cleaning cycle, the oven is heated to around 880 degrees F. This temperature is hot enough to burn up the food inside the oven, leaving only a small amount of ash. This ash is easily removed with a wet cloth.

The cleaning cycle takes from one and a half to three hours, and it is not unusual to smell burning food the first couple of times the self-cleaning feature is used. It is important that users do not use any type of oven liner, such as aluminum foil, or commercial oven cleaner. It is a good idea to also remove the racks when running the self-cleaning option on a GE Profile oven. Some GE Profile ovens have a steam clean option too, which allows owners to use simple water to steam clean the oven. The cycle lasts for about 30 minutes, and once complete, the debris can be removed with a soft cloth.

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