Why Does a GE Microwave Jvm1540 Have a Charcoal Filter?


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The GE JVM1540 has a charcoal filter for a non-ducted installation. The JVM1540 uses charcoal filter kit model JX81J, which must be purchased separately. The charcoal filter kit works in conjunction with the grease filters that come with this unit.

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GE makes three types of microwaves: countertop, built-in and over the range. Countertop microwaves rest on a kitchen countertop. Built-in microwaves fit in a wall cavity and utilize trim kits to produce a coordinated look with existing cabinetry or appliances. Over the range microwaves are mounted above a range, functioning as a range hood and a microwave.

Over the range microwaves optimize countertop space by removing the microwave from the kitchen countertop. The amount of steam, smoke and odor that an over the range microwave can extract is measured in cubic feet per minute, and the JVM1540 is rated at 300 CFM. Rangecraft estimates that 100 CFMs are needed for every 10,000 BTU’s on a gas range and for every 10 inches on an electric range.

The JVM1540 has ducted and non-ducted venting options. The non-ducted option is used when there is no roof access for the exhaust. Prior to installing the charcoal filter, the blower must be adjusted so that the fan blades face the front of the microwave. GE Appliances recommends that the charcoal filter be replaced usually within six to 12 months or when it is noticeably dirty or discolored.

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