How Does a GE Electric Water Heater Save Energy?


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A GE GeoSpring water heater draws in ambient heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the heater's refrigerant. The refrigerant then flows through the coils that go around the tank to heat the water. The use of ambient heat as an energy source leads to energy savings.

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The GeoSpring water heater combines the efficiency of heat pump technology with traditional electric elements. This translates to it using a fraction of the energy used by traditional water heaters to heat the same volume of water. The heater reduces heating expenses by up to 67 percent, based on the Department of Energy test procedures and comparison of a 2015 traditional water heater and the GeoSpring hybrid electric water heater.

The GE water heater also has four setting modes that dictate how much energy is saved. These settings range from Heat Pump mode, which is the most energy efficient since it utilizes ambient heat as the only heat source, to Standard Mode, which uses only electric elements to heat the water. The main disadvantage of using heat pump technology is that it is less effective when the ambient temperature is colder since it draws the heat required to warm the water from the surrounding air.

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