How Does a GE Convection Oven Work?

How Does a GE Convection Oven Work?

GE convection ovens, like other convection ovens, have a fan to circulate hot air inside the oven to eliminate hot and cold spots. The air flow inside the oven provides a balanced cooking environment that leads to more even browning and faster cooking times.

GE convection ovens are available as microwaves, wall units and ranges. All three are available with an electrical connection, but wall units and ranges are also available with a natural gas connection.

When cooking with a convection oven, the temperature or time of a standard recipe needs to be adjusted, and in some cases both need to be changed. Epicurious and Fine Cooking magazine recommend lowering the cooking temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The timing can also be decreased by a quarter. Until the user adjusts to cooking or baking with a convection oven, he must check on food more frequently, but avoid opening the door, which lets heat escape.

Since air flows around the food, trays and baking sheets with lower edges are recommended. At least 2 inches of space should be left around the pans to allow the air to circulate properly.

A convection oven not only cooks more quickly but also achieves better cooking results than a conventional oven. For roasted meat, the fat renders more quickly, sealing in juices and creating an evenly crisp, browned skin. Baked goods rise more quickly, creating a lighter, flakier product.