What Gate Openers Does Linear Make?

What Gate Openers Does Linear Make?

Nortek Linear Corporation, LLC manufacturers a variety of electromechanical swing, slide and barrier gate operators. The company offers a detailed inventory within these three types of opening mechanisms based on the specific requirements of a particular gate.

Motorized gates are typically used to moderate ingress and egress from a particular area such as a gated community, private residence or commercial business.

Swing gate openers operate by moving a gate in a perpendicular direction from where the gate is closed. Slide gate openers pull a closed gate open by moving the gate toward and past the operating mechanism. Barrier gate openers control arm-like barricades typically found in toll booths or parking garages.

Company officials say the size of the gate, the physical location of the gate and the maximum voltage available at the site are all factors in determining the proper model of gate operator as well as the horsepower needed to adequately power a specific opener. The company also offers accessories that complement its gate operators as well as replacement parts, batteries and hardware kits.

The company website allows potential buyers to peruse its inventory by price, horsepower, voltage and gate size. A complete list of the business's operators and accessories, as well as an online purchasing platform, is available through LinearGateOpeners.com