What Are Gas Stoves?


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A gas stove is a cooking unit powered by natural gas instead of electricity. Natural gas mixes with air and, once the stove is turned on, ignites into a flame when it is sparked by the ignition system. This flame is the heating component of the oven.

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The purpose of the ignition system in a gas stove is to spark the gas and start a fire. This ignition system is either electronic or controlled via a pilot light. A pilot light is a constantly burning flame that sets the gas on fire when the stove is turned on. An electronic ignition system provides the spark that lights the flame. While an electronic ignition system uses less gas, it cannot be operated during a power outage.

Gas stoves are considered more efficient than electric stoves, and gas stoves with electronic ignition systems cost less to use. As long as the flame remains blue, the stove is using gas efficiently. If it turns yellow, it is too hot and requires too much gas. Gas stoves are also easy to use. A person has more control of the heat level by adjusting the size of the flame with a turn of a knob.

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