What Are the Best Gas Stove Dimensions?


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There are no universally agreed dimensions for the best gas stoves. Different gas range sizes are suitable for different settings, uses and the number of people that are being cooked for.

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The dimensions of a camping gas stove would be different from the range in the family kitchen. Even for campers, the dimensions of the appropriate gas stove would differ depending on factors such as whether it is carried in a car or a backpack, the number of people being cooked for, and the number of days spent outdoors.

Gas stoves used at home tend to be bigger than portable varieties. In addition, homeowners generally prefer investing in a built-in gas stove. On the other hand, a portable gas stove would be ideal for a tourist, student or someone who does not wish to stay in one locality permanently. Within these parameters, buyers can choose anywhere between 20-inch to 40-inch gas range sizes.

Consumers use natural gas or LPG cylinders to fuel gas ranges, depending on the availability of each. The biggest advantage of using gas is that, unlike electricity, its supply is not easily interrupted. Apart from a stove's dimensions, other factors to consider include its safety, controls, ease of cleaning, heat options and energy saving abilities.

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