How Do You Get a Gas Smell Out of Carpet?

To remove the odor of gas from carpet, shampoo the carpet, and sprinkle baking soda on the affected area. Stronger smells can be treated by leaving the baking soda on the spill for up to 24 hours. Large or heavy gas stains may require several treatments and can take several days to completely remove.

  1. Shampoo the carpet

    Remove any area rugs or floor mats, and shampoo them separately. Wash the area thoroughly with carpet shampoo, and remove the soiled water with an extraction cleaner. Hot water and vinegar can be used as an alternative to shampooing the carpet. Saturate the area with equal amounts of hot water and vinegar, and remove any excess moisture with clean, dry towels.

  2. Apply baking soda

    Sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda over the spill. The baking soda can remain on the carpeting for up to a day before vacuuming, but it typically removes odors from minor spills in just a few hours. Reapply baking soda to the area if the odor remains after vacuuming.

  3. Use a commercial odor neutralizer

    Minor odors may persist after a gasoline spill. Spray the area with a commercial odor neutralizing spray after the carpet has dried and the baking soda has been removed.