How Is Gas Refilled in an Air Conditioner?


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Gas is refilled into an air conditioner by using a compatible refrigerant that is added into the unit’s compressor lines. The air conditioner is set at its highest level while taking in the Freon gas. The Freon kit’s service and tap valve must be connected to the unit’s compressor lines.

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To safely add Freon to an air conditioner unit, it is important to wear protective goggles, a mask and gloves. Check the unit’s manual to determine the correct type of gas to add to the unit. Locate the cylindrical compressor with two lines emerging from it on the unit. Look at the Freon gas kit, and locate the larger service and smaller tap valve. Attach the two valves to the two lines found on the compressor. The Freon unit can be attached in between the two valves. Once the lines are attached, the air conditioner must be set to run at its highest level in order to allow the Freon to flow correctly into the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is ready to draw the Freon into it, the Freon is forced into the unit’s compressor lines. When all of the Freon has been drawn into the system, turn off the air conditioner, and remove the valves.

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