Are Gas Ovens More Cost Effective Than Electric Ovens?


The cost to operate a gas oven is less than the cost to operate an electric oven, however, electric ovens have a cheaper upfront cost. In addition to the upfront cost of an electric oven sitting less than a gas oven, electric installation costs are also less than gas ovens.

Selecting an energy-efficient gas oven can help homeowners reduce utility bills. Although these ovens can cost 50 percent more than electric ovens, in regard to upfront costs, gas has a cheaper energy and operating cost. Gas ovens use a commercial gas line and many homes have access to gas lines, which can offset the upfront costs associated with electric ovens. This is an overlooked advantage of gas ovens, as the cost of natural gas remains lower than the cost of electricity. For that reason, operating and energy costs are lower with gas ovens.

From a manufacturing aspect, electric ovens are cheaper to produce than gas ovens, which make them cheaper to purchase. Simply plugging the oven into a wall outlet and preparing food is only beneficial to homeowners with a kitchen that is pre-wired for an electric oven. For some homeowners, it can be more expensive to convert to an electric oven from an existing gas line.