How Do Gas Ovens Compare to Electric Ovens?


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Gas ovens heat up and cool down more rapidly than electric ovens and provide better temperature control. They are less expensive to operate, but more expensive to install, and can release poisonous gases into the home if not properly installed, maintained and vented. Electric ovens provide more even heating.

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Gas ovens require access to commercial gas lines and are especially expensive to install in homes that do not already have gas lines, since piping must be run from the house to the nearest line. Gas ovens are also somewhat more expensive than electric ovens. In most areas, this is offset over the life of the oven by the lower cost of natural gas compared to electricity, especially for people who make heavy use of the oven. For renters, electric ovens are more practical, since they are easier to move and install into a new home.

Electric and gas ovens both cook well, but the more even eating provided by electric ovens is better for cookies, breads and other foods in which even browning is desirable. The heat generated by electric ovens is usually drier, which can dry out foods, but also makes the oven less prone to rust and provides optimal conditions for roasting.

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