Why Are Gas Heaters More Efficient Than Electric Heaters?


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Gas heaters are more efficient than electric heaters because the former have a quick recovery rate. Similarly, gas heaters have energy factor range of 0.50 and 0.65, which ensures an efficient combustion and standby loss. Higher energy factor is due to their smaller volume and surface area.

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Quick recovery rate of gas heaters means that homeowners get more hot water from a smaller tank, thus reducing the amount of energy needed to store hot water. As at 2015, a household may save nearly $25 per month for using a gas heater compared to electric units.

Other benefits of gas heaters over electric heaters include lower running costs and reduced risk of power problems. A gas water heaters continuously provides a homeowner with hot water with the same reliability as that of cold water, because it is not affected by power problems. In addition, gas water heaters are durable with a lifespan of more than 10 years, saving a household an average of $35,000 as at 2015, compared to electric units.

Gas heaters have more precise temperature adjustments and require smaller storage space than electric heaters. Gas water heaters including propane water heaters are conservative in terms of space. In addition, smaller propane heaters perform in a similar way as those of larger electric units.

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