What Is a Gas Heater?


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A gas heater produces heat for an indoor space, outdoor area or water, and it runs on propane or natural gas. Gas heaters, commonly recommended for colder areas, use gas flames to produce heat and warm the air circulating through a space.

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Gas heaters are considered more effective than other types of heaters because the flames that serve as heating elements are instantly hot, as opposed, for example, to an electric heater, which warms the air as it passes through a heated plate that takes time to reach a certain temperature.

Gas heaters that run on natural gas require a developed system of underground pipes and are typically common in cities. Because of the lack of this infrastructure, they are not usually available in rural areas. The pipe infrastructure used to deliver gas in cities is as complex as other infrastructures such as those used to deliver water and electricity. In areas where such an infrastructure doesn't exist, gas heaters run on propane supplied from nearby propane tanks.

Carbon monoxide, a poisonous, odorless gas, is produced as exhaust by gas heaters. Residents in homes or buildings that use gas heaters should have carbon monoxide detectors installed in their homes for safety.

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