Why Is My Gas Furnace Leaking Water?


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Reasons that a gas furnace leaks water can include a leak in the air conditioning evaporator or a leak in the humidifier. Water can leak in and around a high-efficiency furnace if the condensate drain tubes are disconnected or clogged.

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If water pools around the furnace when the air conditioning is running, the problem is most likely a clogged condensate drain tube. This occurs because condensation in the air conditioner's coils contains bacteria that creates slime, which forms the clog. Homeowners can easily prevent slime and remove the clog by using slime preventing tablets, plus a 3/4-inch MIPT barbed fitting, a small coil of 3/4-inch I.D. vinyl tubing and tubing straps.

To begin the homeowner removes and discards the drain tube and fitting from the air conditioner's condensate pan. The slime preventing tablets are inserted into the air conditioner's drain pan, according to the package instructions. Then the homeowner can attach the new fitting to the drain pan and secure the tubing onto the fitting. It's important to ensure the tubing is routed to a drain and held in place with tubing straps. If the furnace continues to leak water, contacting a furnace repair technician as soon as possible is advised.

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