How Does a Gas Dryer Work?

gas-dryer-work Credit: gerenme/E+/Getty Images

Gas dryers use a gas burner to create heat. Some gas dryers are fired by natural gas, while other gas dryers use liquid propane. Natural gas dryers can also be converted to use liquid propane with the proper conversion kit.

According to Laundry, a gas dryer costs more than an electric dryer when first purchased and requires a gas line as well as an electrical connection. Gas dryers operate at a higher temperature, which means clothing spends less time drying. This can save time and money. Also, spending less time in the dryer means the drying cycle is easier on fabrics, making clothes last longer.

When buying a gas dryer, there are a few things to consider. A gas connection is required and should be installed by a professional, if one is not present, which adds to the cost of the gas dryer. If there is no natural gas or propane present, a tank must be brought in to store the gas. A gas dryer requires more space for the gas line, as well as space to vent. According to Laundry, consumers should look for gas dryers with a pilotless ignition for easy use. Automatic shutoff is a good option to look for as well, so that clothes are not shrunk or damaged from being over-dried. Gas dryers are labeled with an energy efficiency rating as well, called an Energy Factor, or EF for short. Choosing the highest EF possible results in the biggest savings in the long run.