What Is a Gas Dryer?


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A gas dryer is a clothes-drying machine that uses natural gas or propane to power the fan that blows hot air to dry clothes. Gas dryers initially cost more than electric ones; however, fuel costs for gas dryers are significantly lower, making them more cost-efficient in the long term.

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About 80 percent of U.S. homes use electric dryers, but opting for a gas dryer can save money and reduce the environmental impact of having a dryer. Gas dryers need electricity to spin the chamber housing the clothes but use gas to run the fan; therefore, a gas dryer needs both an electrical connection and a gas hook-up to function. Investing in a gas dryer drives down electricity usage because electric dryers use a 240-volt outlet, whereas gas dryers need only a 120-volt one. Gas dryers may be more expensive upfront, however, because they require a gas line that may not always be available, making professional installation necessary.

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