How Is a Gas Cylinder Replaced in a SodaStream Appliance?


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When a Sodastream carbonator cylinder is exhausted, the owner should take the empty cylinder to a retail location that sells SodaStream products. The retailer switches the empty cylinder with a full one, only charging the customer for the gas, not the container.

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Attempting to refill the carbonator instead of exchanging it at a store is not recommended by SodaStream, as the carbon dioxide in the cylinder is beverage-grade and complies with legal standards for safety. A local filling station may not comply with these standards, and there is a risk that toxins could be introduced into the cylinder. The cylinder may also become damaged, which would void the machine's warranty.

There are other carbonators on the market, but SodaStream carbonators are the only ones recommended for the system. Other carbonators may damage the system and are not guaranteed to work by SodaStream. Most customers can make 60 to 130 liters of soda with one carbonator, depending on the size of the system. This usually takes from six weeks to four months for a family of four.

The carbonator should be stored in a dry and cool place to ensure it works correctly. If the carbonator is stored near heat, the carbonator may become unstable.

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