Are Gas Cookers Safe to Use Indoors?


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Gas cookers, or stoves, are safe for indoor use as long as those using them following some basic guidelines to prevent a kitchen fire. Another way to reduce the safety risk of using a gas cooker is to install a carbon monoxide detector.

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Are Gas Cookers Safe to Use Indoors?
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Gas stove burners should be cleaned regularly as oil and grease that accumulate over time are likely to ignite. Manufacturers and retailers of gas cookers advise keeping a fire extinguisher near the appliance to improve the likelihood of putting out a kitchen fire if one ignites.

Even when the owner of a gas stove has a carbon monoxide detector installed, he should be sure to turn off burners when they are not in use, and to leave his house and call 911 if he smells gas. Burners, even when on a low setting, emit a flame. For similar reasons, it is unsafe to use a gas stove to heat a room, as this practice is capable of producing carbon monoxide gas.

When maintenance or repair is needed, owners of gas cookers should contact a professional to do the work. They should also contact someone with experience with gas stoves when they want to move the stove or when the appliance's flame goes out.

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