What Is a Gas Ceiling Heater ?


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A gas ceiling heater provides heat to an area not already covered by central heating and air conditioning. Powered by natural gas, the heater is mounted at the ceiling and provides warmth to this space. These are commonly used to heat garages for year-round hobby use.

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Ideally, a gas ceiling heater mounts in a corner and aims air at a 45-degree angle toward the garage door. The thermostat should face away from the airflow, and the louvers should point downward. While some people recommend infrared heaters, they only heat people and the floor, while other objects in the space remain cold.

If an individual plans on doing wood projects or utilizing spray finishes, it is important to select a heater that has a separate chamber for combustion. This uses air from the outside instead of the air circulating with wood dust particles or paint fumes from inside the work space. Using this type of heater does involve a slight risk of fire, and these particles can agitate the burner, leading to expensive service calls. Most attached garages need heaters with a BTU capacity between 30,000 and 45,000. The exact answer depends on the height and insulation in the garage, as well as the square footage. A dealer can help make the best choice given the dimensions.

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