What Are Some Gardening Tips From the Whitfill Nursery?


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The Whitfill Nursery gardening tips include covering tender plants with frost cloths or blankets to prevent frost damage. Weed plants twice weekly to reduce the use of herbicides. To prepare garden beds in February, use new compost, ammonium phosphate based on the label instructions, and add organics such as bone or blood meal if needed. Plants that suffer heat stress in June require deep irrigation to leach salts and restore their health.

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Harvest all fruits from the gardens before the end of February, leaving grapefruits and Valencia oranges, which ripen and sweeten over the following months through May. To allow citrus trees to bloom as desired, trim them in February, and plant deciduous plants such as myrtle and pines during the month.

The Whitfill Nursery recommends inquiring from the nursery if you are not conversant with a plant’s hardiness. Fertilize citrus plants using fertilizer suited to the Arizona desert for best results and transplant your peppers and tomato plants mid February to mid March.

If the monsoon rains in June exceed 1/2 inch, skip watering your plants, otherwise, ground plants require deep-watering. Fertilize succulent and annual plants but avoid fertilizing fruit trees in June, and adjust the height of your lawn mower upwards to avoid over-trimming your grass, and irrigate your lawn to about 10 inches.

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