What Are Some Gardening Tips for Growing Dahlias?


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Tips for growing dahlias include waiting until soil temperatures reach 60 F before planting and selecting locations that provide rich soil and good drainage. Dehlias do best in soil that is slightly acidic, so adding sand, peat moss or bagged steer manure can improve soil and ensure optimum growing conditions. Another tip is to give each plant 9 to 12 inches of growing space.

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Dahlias are tuberous-rooted perennials and are grown from small brown biennial tubers planted during the spring. These colorful flowers typically bloom between midsummer and the first frost. Plants may vary in color and size, although most varieties typically grow 4 to 5 feet in height. Not very suited to climates that are extremely hot or humid, dahlias make popular additions to gardens in areas where the growing season lasts at least 120 days. Dahlias prefer cool moist climates and are common along the Pacific Coast.

Large dahlias and plants grown solely to produce cut flowers are best grown in their own plots or in rows where they are free from competition from other plants. Smaller dahlias mix well with a variety of other summer flowers and typically bloom about eight weeks after planting. Do not water dahlias until sprouts appear above the soil.

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