What Are Some Garden Waterfall Ideas?


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Some ideas for garden waterfalls include building a cascading waterfall down a slope using natural stones, forming a tall waterfall from an elevated cliff and creating a formal waterfall with a geometric staircase design. Builders should keep in mind that taller waterfalls produce more noise.

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What Are Some Garden Waterfall Ideas?
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For a cascading waterfall, the builder uses large slates of rocks as steps for the water to flow from top to bottom, and a pump brings the water back from the pond to the top of the waterfall. Smooth river stones and grasses along the waterfall give it a natural, river-like effect. For a larger waterfall from an elevated cliff, the builder can form the taller reservoir with stones, bricks or other materials, ensuring there is some overhang to maximize the cascade effect.

For a formal waterfall, the builder can use bricks, tiles or ceramic pieces to create steps from a higher reservoir to the pond. This type of waterfall allows for more freedom in design as builders can choose colors, patterns or mosaics. When building any type of garden waterfall, builders should ensure that the size doesn't overwhelm the pond. They should also leave hollow spaces behind the falls for sound amplification. To avoid water loss, builders can make the pond deeper where the waterfall hits.

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