What Are Some Garden Security Tips?


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When securing the garden, check to see if the tools, machines, plants and other items there are insured by your home insurance policy. Insurance often doesn't cover the plants that are growing directly in the ground. Make sure that the amount of money the garden is insured for is enough to cover all the items there. If there is a very expensive item, such as a lawn mower, consider insuring that item individually.

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What Are Some Garden Security Tips?
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Make sure that the garden is protected by an adequate fence. Inspect it carefully, and determine the spots where burglars can easily get in, including low fences and missing panels. Repair such places. If there is a possibility to install a new fence, choose a smooth, solid wooden fence because it is difficult to climb. Install a tall fence if possible, and put a quality lock on the gate.

To make sure that the garden furniture doesn't get stolen, chain it in place with anchoring devices or use heavy rocks to hold it down. It is a good idea to put the items that can be moved into a shed when they are not in use. Make sure that the shed has a strong lock. To prevent individual items from getting stolen, place labels with the address of the household on all the items in the garden, and make sure that the labels are difficult to remove.

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