How Do You Find a Free Garden Planner?


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Gardeners can find a free garden planner through the Better Homes and Gardens and the Gardener's Supply Company websites, according to the company websites. Gardeners can also view premade plans and plans lists through the Country Living website.

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To find the garden planning tool through Better Homes and Gardens:

  1. Visit the Better Homes and Gardens website
  2. Go to the BHG.com home page.

  3. Click "Gardening"
  4. Click on the "Gardening" tab along the top navigation bar.

  5. Click "Show All"
  6. On the left side of the page, click on the "Show All" link under the "Everything in Gardening" header.

  7. Click "Plan-a-Garden"
  8. Click on the "Plan-a-Garden" link.

  9. Utilize the tool
  10. The Plan-a-Garden page offers a video instruction for how to plan a garden, as well as the planning tool that allows visitors to plan all of the design elements for their yard, including plants, trees, structures and decks, among other elements, notes the website. Click "Start Now" to create a design.

To find the garden planner through Gardener's Supply Company:

  1. Visit the home page
  2. Go to the Gardener's Supply Company home page at Gardeners.com.

  3. Click "Learn & Share"
  4. Along the top navigation bar, click on the "Learn & Share" tab.

  5. Click "Kitchen Garden Planner"
  6. Under the "Planning Tools" header, click on the "Kitchen Garden Planner" link.

  7. Plan
  8. Under the "Get Started" header, choose from preplanned gardens or plan a garden based on individual needs.

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