What Are Some Garden Landscape Ideas?


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Some garden landscape ideas include fruit trees and lilac bushes surrounded by irises and rosemary plants. plants that follow a winding path, a garden landscaped in geometric shapes and a path lined on either side by trees. Gardeners can opt for a natural garden that has mixed greenery and different foliage shapes lining a white picket fence.

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One garden landscape idea is to build a winding path bordered by rounded boxwood hedges with ornamental grasses and trees nestled in the corners. This country garden idea is completed by an old-fashioned pot with climbing vines and ivy. Another idea is to plant the garden in triangular patchwork shapes, covering up the ground completely with lush plants and a few trees in the middle.

Gardeners can make a garden reminiscent of the Deep South with pear trees arching up and over a path and lush hedges on either side. Those with small yards can plant wisteria and sweet potato vines around a fence and add some geraniums in a decorative pot. Another way to add plants to a small or nonexistent gardening area is to plant coral honeysuckle along a trellis for brilliant pink flowers or add wall-climbing clematis and some potted plants to the corner of a house.

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