What Are Some Garden Bushes With Flowers?

What Are Some Garden Bushes With Flowers?

Garden bushes with flowers include the butterfly bush, hydrangea, gardenia and oleander. Hibiscus and magnolia bushes also produce attractive blossoms.

Butterfly bushes are available in several different colors including blue, purple, white and pink. They have a pleasant fragrance, which draws in butterflies. They start blooming in summer and tend to bloom well into the fall. To lengthen the blooming period, remove faded blossoms from the plant.

Hydrangeas are popular flowering garden bushes. They come in a wide variety of colors and can handle both sun and shade. For an easy variety to grow, opt for the hydrangea paniculata, which offers stunning white blossoms in the summer months.

Gardenias have fragrant blossoms that appear in the summer. They also have evergreen foliage, which means that gardeners can enjoy them throughout the year. They do best in full sun but can also thrive in partial shade. However, they cannot tolerate cold winters.

Oleander is a flowering shrub that hails from the tropics, so it does better in warmer temperatures. However, in warm climates, it thrives without a lot of care and produces flowers in colors ranging from red to purple.

There is a wide variety of hibiscus species available, but most varieties tend to be tropical plants. However, they make good potted indoor shrubs in cooler climates, notes HGTVGardens.com. Hibiscus plants like lots of natural light, although some varieties can tolerate partial shade.

Magnolia plants produce large flowers with lots of fragrance. They usually do best in full sun or partial shade and prefer warmer temperatures. However, some varieties such as the Little Gem are tolerant to colder temperatures when they have some protection from the chill.