What Are Some Garden Activities for Kids?


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Kids can do many things in the garden, from planting seeds to pulling weeds, making garden markers, ordering plants and seeds and even selling or preserving the garden's bounty. The specific tasks children are able to perform in the garden vary depending on their age and skill level. Even kids as young as 3 can work with adults to grow beautiful plants and flowers and delicious, nutritious vegetables.

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Little kids can help pull weeds, move mulch and plant seeds. With assistance, preschoolers can help a garden grow and thrive.

Elementary school-aged kids can get even more involved in garden work. They may enjoy making markers to distinguish the different types of plants in the garden. As they spend more time working with plants, they may decide to choose their own plants or seeds to grow. Digging and watering prove to be endless fun and are beneficial for the garden.

Older children, even up to the "tween" stage, can help with gardening tasks like designing and laying out the garden space. This age group may find growing and selling vegetables fun and profitable, and boys and girls who are responsible enough can even slice produce for freezing or canning, with adult supervision. Other kids can enter their harvest in local fairs to win prizes. Harvesting is a rewarding garden task for kids old enough to understand what to pick and when to pick.

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