What Are Some Garage Renovation Ideas?


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Some garage renovation ideas include turning it into an art studio, making it into a home gym and remodeling it as a greenhouse. It can also be renovated into an extra living area or a game room.

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A renovated garage can be turned into an art studio or photography center. To do the former, the homeowner adds skylights for plenty of natural light and fluorescent lights for nighttime painting. He paints the walls white to further lighten the area and adds work tables and a few comfortable chairs. To make a photography studio, he lightens the walls, adds photo backdrops as pull-down shades and installs shelving for photography equipment.

A garage can also be turned into an entertainment center. The homeowner can add a billiards table, an air hockey table and a foosball table. He first treats the floor with epoxy to give it a polished finish and help it to hold up under the movement of heavy equipment. A garage makes a great location for a drive-in movie theater. Along one wall, the homeowner adds a large screen television along with surround sound speakers and shelving for DVD and video players.

Garages also make good secondary living spaces, separate apartments or small houses. A tall garage ceiling can be partitioned into a loft area for a bed. After adding insulation and plumbing, the homeowner can install a small kitchen and bathroom.

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