What Are Some Garage Plans With Living Space?


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Some garage plans with living space are simple studio, multiple room, third level and side-by-side garage plans. Living space above the storage and car areas is possible when there is ample room made available in the design.

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Simple studio garage living spaces feature a compact design with one bedroom and are designed for efficiency and practicality. A kitchen is typically included, but as with the closet and storage features, its space is limited. The living area combines the gathering space with the dining area and kitchen. A multiple room garage apartment features two or more bedrooms and typically include walls which separate the gathering space from the dining area and kitchen.

Garage living spaces typically are built over detached garages with one or two spaces for parking vehicles. Third level garage plans usually feature a storage area in the space directly above the ground level intended for cars, and the living space is situated on an additional third level. Some owners wishing to accommodate residents with difficulty using stairs choose to design living spaces situated beside the vehicle parking spots. In these designs, additional storage above the vehicle areas is optional. Each layout can be designed using a variety of architectural styles.

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