Why Do Garage Doors Cost so Much Money?


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The price of a homeowner's new garage door is based on the size of the garage door, the safety benefits that the garage door provides, the installation and labor required as well as the cost of the actual garage door itself. The cost of garage doors varies from $600 to $2,000 and whether or not the price is considered expensive is subjective.

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There are many benefits to replacing a garage door that is malfunctioning or that is impaired in a structural way, including increasing home value, improving the appearance of the home, lowering costs for heating and cooling as well as providing a safe and secure space for vehicles and other items. The garage door also limits the access that strangers have to the home and gives them another obstacle to getting inside the home, which can deter burglars. These benefits are considered valuable enough that the price of a garage door can be increased by companies.

One of the most important benefits after the limiting of access to the home is the safe and secure space for possessions. Without a garage door, it would be easy for someone to come by and take a lawn mower sitting in the garage or an extra television set kept in storage. A garage door makes that far less likely.

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