What Are Some Galley Kitchen Ideas?


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One idea for a galley kitchen is to make sure that the room's floorboards run lengthwise to make the space appear longer. If a tile backsplash or other tile wall designs will be used, they should be arranged in an opposite orientation to the floorboards to create depth in the space. Lighter colors should also be used in a galley-style kitchen to make the space appear more open.

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Cabinets and appliances that are situated flush with the floor in a galley kitchen can be raised slightly to give the illusion of more height in the room. The illusion of more space can also be created by hiding appliances in the room completely. This can be accomplished by placing appliances behind panels or false cabinets designed to mimic the design of the existing kitchen cabinets. Cabinets should also be kept free of adornments to create a clean, uncluttered look in the room.

Extra storage can be added to the space in the form of a lazy Susan, cabinet door organizers and tall pantry storage shelves to maximize the room's available space. These options will keep everything organized while ensuring that items remain out of sight to keep the kitchen's appearance uncluttered.

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