What Furniture Projects Can Be Made With Wood Pallets?

What Furniture Projects Can Be Made With Wood Pallets?

A variety of furniture can be constructed from wood pallets, including beds, bookcases, benches, tables and sofas. Pallet furniture designs can be found at 1001Pallets.com, Instructables and Homedit.

1001Pallets.com exclusively features projects created from pallets. Furniture designs can be found under the Pallet Furniture tab of the Explore drop down menu.1001Pallets.com also features helpful hints about working with pallets. Visitors to this website can sign up for a weekly email newsletter featuring the latest pallet projects.

On Instructables, full instructions and photos of pallet furniture can be found in the Pallets heading of the Workshop section. As of September 2015, there are over 530 pallet projects listed on the site. Out of the three websites listed, the instructions on Instructables are the most thorough.

Homedit, an interior design and DIY website, has an article titled "21 Ways of Turning Pallets Into Unique Pieces Of Furniture" in the DIY section. This article features many furniture pieces made from pallets, including an outdoor swinging chair.

Some furniture designs are quite simple, whereas some require more time and tools. In fact, some pieces of pallet furniture don't look like they were built from pallets at all. Free pallets can usually be found at larger stores and even small businesses. Securing permission to take pallets is highly recommended.