What Furniture Is Found at Plummers Furniture?

What Furniture Is Found at Plummers Furniture?

Plummers Furniture was a California-based company offering home, office, and outdoor furniture and accessories. Plummers was affiliated with Scandinavian Designs for nearly four decades and recently changed its name to Scandinavian Designs. The original Plummers website remains active as of 2015.

Scandinavian Designs (formerly Plummers) products are not available to order online, but the company has an online catalog showcasing many of its products. By registering for an account, customers can create a wish list of their favorite products.

In addition to a broad selection of living room, bedroom and dining room options, Scandinavian Designs also has office furniture ranging from simple designs suitable for small home offices to office sets for commercial and executive settings.

The company also offers a selection of outdoor seating and dining furniture and accessories. Accessory selections include art, bedding, lighting and floor covering.

The store locator tab on the company website lists 18 locations throughout California including the former Plummers locations. Scandinavian Designs can also be found in Denver and Westminster in Colorado, as well as in Reno, Nevada. By selecting a specific store, customers can view an information page for the location including the street address, phone number and store hours, with an option to see a map and get directions to the store.