How Do You Get Free Furniture?

Options for obtaining free furniture include searching the free section of local online classified ads and searching websites where people offer to give away used items. Other ways to get free furniture include perusing neighborhoods for furniture left out for trash pick-up and visiting college campuses on days when students move out of dorms.

Online classified website Craigslist features a "Free" section for nearly every city or metropolitan area, which may include offers for free furniture at any given time. Also, local newspapers may also offer sections where people list furniture and other household items they wish to give away for free. allows people to advertise free furniture in a hyper-local area, although signing up for membership is required. While it is an auction website, eBay also often has a classified section with free items listed under "Free Stuff."

Some cities and towns have designated days for heavy trash pick-up in particular neighborhoods, providing an opportunity to look for furniture left out for pick-up. Move-out days at a nearby college campus might provide another opportunity to snag unwanted furniture. The college may have campus move-out days listed on their public calendar. Friends and family might have old or unwanted furniture to get rid of as well.