What Are Furnace Vent Covers?


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Furnace vent covers, or registers, fit over the ends of the HVAC ductwork leading to individual rooms in a building. Each vent has a grate with a lever that helps regulate the amount of air that enters a room. They come in three main types: basic, decorative and magnetic.

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Basic furnace registers are simple metal or plastic covers that fit into wall, ceiling or floor vents. The decorative variety is similar, but instead of a simple grate, they feature decorative carvings. Some have intricate scroll work, designed to complement Victorian homes. Others are more contemporary, such as vent covers that look like matte finish bamboo or wicker. Some decorative registers are made of high-impact resin or cast iron.

Magnetic furnace vent covers fit over already installed floor or ceiling metal covers. They are made of vinyl and, unlike the grates with the levers, block off all air coming from the vents. Magnetic covers are used to improve air distribution within a home.

The magnetic furnace vent covers are the most versatile. They can be cut to fit a particular vent. The vinyl can also be painted, stenciled or even wallpapered to match a room's decor. When it comes time to redecorate, they easily peel off.

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