What Are Some Functions of Norcold Service Centers?


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Norcold Service Centers act as both retail centers for Norcold refrigeration products and as service centers for repair and assessment of currently owned items. Norcold sells and services refrigeration units and other appliances specifically designed for RVs, all manufactured in the United States. The company offers both gas absorption and AC/DC units. Repair services at Norcold locations include assessment of malfunction, replacement of parts and authorized service center resets.

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In addition to selling appliances and offering repair services, Norcold's service centers also sell parts for customers who wish to repair or upgrade their units independently. The service centers are located nationwide, as Norcold products are primarily used for travel vehicles such as RVs. Norcold also offers products for boats, vans and other marine vehicles.

To find a dealer or service center, go to the Norcold website and click Dealers and Service Centers. From there, input a ZIP code to locate the closest service center and to find out what services and products that specific location offers. Due to a recent product recall, some of these centers are devoted primarily to recall services as of 2015.

The company was founded in California in 1959 and has its headquarters in Sidney, Ohio, where it manufactures all of its products.

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