What Is the Function of Megger Test Record Cards?


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Megger test record cards allow for detailed reports of the function and performance of electrical equipment, using testing instrumentation produced by the Megger company. Megger testing kits include cards for electricians to record test results, which then can be entered into databases and referred to for maintenance, repairs and detailed evaluations.

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A British company with manufacturing plants in several European countries and America, Megger produces portable electrical testing equipments, and distributes test equipment under other brand names made by subsidiary companies. Electricians, Internet service providers and other maintenance service personnel and engineers use their testing instruments to evaluate both small- and large-scale commercial, industrial and home electrical systems, along with telecommunications networks.

Megger instruments include insulation, battery, circuit breaker and transformer testers, as well as low-resistance ohmmeters, multimeters and voltage detectors. They also include cable locators and route tracers for telecommunications equipment. Megger instrument test boxes are used for testing the range and accuracy of testing equipment to ensure their measurements meet local standards and regulations. Electricians record results from this instrumentation in the field on test record cards. Additionally, the company offers software for entering and managing recorded test data, with which service personnel can print record cards for customers, along with orders and invoices.

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