What Are Some Fun Uses for Vintage Soda Bottles?


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Use vintage soda bottles for do-it-yourself crafts such as candle holders or glass cups. Vintage bottles are also useful as vases to store spring or summer flowers.

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To create a candle holder, gather acetone, a string, an emery board, iced water and a source of ignition. In addition, gather a tea candle. Tie a string around the body of the bottle, remove the knotted portion of the string, saturate it in acetone, place it around the bottle, and ignite it with a heat source. As soon as the string is completely inflamed, quickly submerge the bottle in cold water; this sudden temperature change causes both the bottle and string line to break. Place the tea light under the top portion of the bottle for a vintage vibe.

Repurpose vintage soda bottles by converting them into glass cups. Follow the steps for creating a candle holder; instead of using the top halves of the bottles, keep the bottom halves, and sand down the edges.

During sunny weather, convert the vintage bottles to flower vases. Leave the bottles as they are, or spray-paint them using your color of choice. Perform this task outdoors or in a well-ventilated room to avoid inhaling fumes. After allowing the paint to dry, place flowers in the bottles along with water.

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