What Are Some Fun Types of Gardening Courses?

What Are Some Fun Types of Gardening Courses?

Some fun types of gardening courses include a class on herbs, landscaping ideas, gardening for wildlife, cutting gardens and flower arranging. Learning about herbs can involve not only how to grow and harvest them, but also how to use them in cooking and for medicinal purposes.

Classes in herbal gardening often teach students how to select the right herbs for a garden, how and when to fertilize, and how to grow herbs in containers for decks, patios and window boxes. Certain herbs also add scent to a garden and can have beneficial effects on mood and health.

Learning basic landscaping allows a homeowner to use a creative eye to boost the value of a property with ideas that improve a home’s curb appeal. Ordinary yards can be transformed into quiet sanctuaries with the proper use of plants, water features and stones. Homeowners can also learn the basics of creating a beautiful, lush lawn that reduces the need for maintenance and eliminates overgrowth.

Gardening for wildlife is a way to draw birds into a yard and create a backyard habitat. The proper selection of perennials and flowering plants can attract hummingbirds and finches. Water sources such a small waterfalls, installed ponds, fountains and bird baths are a magnet for wildlife, that need a constant supply of fresh water. Choosing pest-resistant plants and using organic gardening techniques helps to provide a healthy eco-system that is conducive to wildlife.

Classes on flower arranging can encourage a homeowner to create a cutting garden that's a simple way to grow enough flowers to use for home décor. Learning how professional florists arrange flowers with the use of floral foam and a variety of containers, is often an inspiration to grow a wide variety of suitable flowers in a backyard cutting garden.