What Are Some Fun Facts About Trees?


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Some fun things to know about trees are that there are more than 23,000 types of trees, and thousands of products are made from them. Trees are said to "breathe" in the opposite way of humans. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, while humans breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

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It is not true that evergreen trees don't lose their leaves. They simply don't lose all of them at once, the way deciduous trees do. Tree leaves turn their brilliant colors in the fall because chlorophyll, the green pigment, breaks down during the cooler days of autumn. This allows the yellow, orange, gold and red pigments to come forth.

The oldest living things on earth are trees, and bristlecone pines have been known to live for over 5,000 years. Giant sequoias are some of the largest trees on earth. The General Sherman sequoia is 274.9 feet tall and 102 feet around. However, sequoia trees have some of the smallest seeds of any tree. The seed is about 4 to 5 millimeters long.

Different parts of a tree grow at different times. In many trees, the leaves grow in the spring, the trunk grows in the summer, and the roots grow in the winter and fall.

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