What are some fun porch remodeling ideas?


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Some fun porch remodeling ideas include having different styles of eclectic porch furniture or adding a rustic stone fireplace and skylight above the seating area. Some other fun ways to update a porch are to paint the ceiling blue, use contrasting colors of warm brown, white and green for accessories or add a brass chandelier and fireplace, as noted by Country Living.

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A fireplace in a rustic-style porch is a popular remodeling idea that may be appropriated for a home in the mountains or a cabin. For some added visual features, an option is to add wood textures and handcrafted furniture, as noted by HGTV. However, incorporating a fireplace surrounded by porcelain tiles and adding a brass chandelier and blue accessories and furniture can also make for a trendy or chic porch, notes Country Living.

Another simple remodeling idea is to incorporate an eclectic collection of furnishings and accessories, such as Mission-style furniture, blue chairs, a coffee table and a colorful rug. For a view of the sky from a porch area, a skylight placed above the seating area can add more light. This can be a good remodeling option if the porch has screened windows. Wood paneling on the ceiling can create a focal point, as noted by Better Homes and Gardens. Another simple idea to remodel a completely white porch is to paint the ceiling light or dark blue. This is a feature found in some Southern homes. Some other added features can be a ceiling fan and curtains for privacy.

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