What Are Some Fun Ideas for Redecorating a Tile Shower Enclosure?

What Are Some Fun Ideas for Redecorating a Tile Shower Enclosure?

Some fun ideas for redecorating a tile shower enclosure include creating a mosaic design, using floor-to-ceiling tiles, using different sizes of tiles, using floor-to-ceiling glass panels and incorporating skylights, as recommended by Better Homes and Gardens. Other ideas include replacing the tile with natural stone, manufactured stone or glass tiles and incorporating tile borders.

Mosaic designs are very popular in modern tile shower enclosures. Homeowners can use different colors of tiles to create a mosaic look or incorporate mosaic tiles into the design. They can also mix and match different type types such as stone and ceramic tile, as recommended by HGTV. Incorporating larger tiles around the floor area is a safe way to experiment with the look.

Using tile on the floor, walls and ceiling of the enclosure helps create a spa-like design. Homeowners can add extra luxury by adding additional shower heads such as handheld and rain-style heads.

Floor-to-ceiling glass panels let in lots of light and create a modern look. Glass panels are popular materials for doors, but homeowners can also use panels around the shower walls. Although glass is a popular material for transparent panels, fiberglass doors and panels can help create the look for less.

Adding a skylight is a good way to let natural light into the shower enclosure. It is a useful feature for dormer showers and other small enclosures.