What Are Some Fun Cottage Decorating Ideas?

Fun cottage decorating ideas include decorating the cottage with fabric sheers, lace or lightweight natural fabrics to achieve a light and airy look. Neutral colors, such as white, beige, taupe and gray, are ideal for cottages. Incorporate woven window treatments, petite stripes and floral patterns to foster a relaxed and cozy look.

Accent the ceilings and walls of the living room with mounted beaded boards. Pair that with exposed beams and white wood furniture to add charm to the decor. Distressed and weathered furnishings are the key elements to decorate a cottage. Throw a cozy slipcover on the sofa, and add plenty of throw pillows for comfort.

Use vintage pieces to decorate a cottage kitchen. Add a farmhouse sink with rubbed-bronze fixtures. Accent it with an old chandelier and throwback pottery pieces. Paint the walls and cabinets white, and incorporate glassware with porcelain crockery to add to the look.

Use a mix of antique and contemporary decor to achieve a warm and balanced look in a dining room. Incorporate a combination of traditional and modern dishware, fixtures and furnishings. Surround the dining table with casual, rustic wicker chairs to accent a country-cottage style.

Use white as the primary color in a cottage bathroom. Accent it with a mix of marble, mosaic tiles in various shades of gray and white. Pair it with white beaded boards, porcelain and a rustic green chair to add a playful splash of color and make a bold statement.