What Are Some Fun and Cool Bathroom Signs?


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One fun take on the traditional bathroom gender signs features the male and female stick figures holding their hands in front of them while standing with their legs crossed as though they urgently have to use the restroom. Another cool idea is to hang up signs that read "cowboys" and "cowgirls" instead of "men" and "women," complete with cowboy hats on both stick figures.

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A fun sign to hang inside of a bathroom is one illustrating proper and improper ways to use the toilet. The sign, available on eBay as of October 2015, features stick figures engaging in activities such as walking a dog and sleeping in the bathroom as well as two figures exhibiting proper restroom etiquette. There is a red X through all except the images of stick figures using the toilet correctly.

Many amusing bathroom signs offer humorous reminders to keep waste products inside the toilet where they belong. One such sign for a men's bathroom reads, "Our aim is to keep the bathroom clean. Your aim would help." Another says "No misfires" and features a male stick figure missing the toilet while he is surrounded by flames. A similar sign provides instructions for both sexes, telling men to stand closer to the toilet than they think they need to and women to "remain seated for the entire performance."

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