What Are Some Fun Bedroom Painting Ideas?


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Some fun bedroom painting ideas include using bright colors such as orange or dark colors such as black, and using more than one color in the room. While unconventional, these colors can add a fun and interesting effect to any bedroom. Some other color options include classics such as electric blue as an accent wall or magenta for a modern look.

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Black is not often used for walls in any room of the home, primarily not in the bedroom. However, it can create a sophisticated and contemporary look. The room instantly darkens, which can help someone sleep more soundly during any time of the day or night. Contrasting dark and light by choosing bedding and furnishings that are white or another light color help make for a modern room.

Bright colors in a bedroom can help bring some sunshine and happiness into the room. Orange also helps the creative part of the brain work. There are many shades of orange aside from a bright orange color. Some people might enjoy a reddish-orange color, for example. Brownish-orange colors, on the other hand, are not ideal for the bedroom.

Magenta is often used in bedrooms when someone wants to go the modern route. It works well with stripes, other solid colors and floral patterns. Magenta blends well with gray, dark blue and black.

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