What Are Some Fun Backyard Patio Designs?


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Design ideas for a fun backyard patio include incorporating a garden, fireplace or an outdoor bar. Garden patios not only increase the beauty of the backyard; they also help families spend outdoor time together. Berries and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplants in planters are pots are great for landscaping.

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When designing a garden patio, it is important to consider where the sunlight and water flows hit. It is best to avoid building in areas that are likely to flood or receive too much sun.

Adding a fireplace to a patio is a good idea because it increases the amount of time the outdoor area may be used for. Outdoor fireplaces are fun for winter gatherings. Fireplace designs may be simple and cozy or elaborate and ambient. They may also be wood burning or gas powered and used for cooking.

Outdoor bars may be wet or dry. Wet bars are equipped with running water, refrigerator, ice maker and sometimes taps for adult beverages. This type of bar is well suited for outdoor areas that frequently host large gatherings. A dry bar is more economical and requires less maintenance. Either way, adding a bar to a patio is fun for parties and family gatherings.

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