How Do Fruit Flies Get Inside My Home?


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Fruit flies get inside homes through tiny cracks and crevices due to their extremely diminutive size. They are able to smell the yeast from decaying fruit from great distances and enter homes in search of it, according to Missy Henriksen of the National Pest Management Association.

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How Do Fruit Flies Get Inside My Home?
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Once a fruit fly finds a source of fermenting fruit, it proceeds to eat it and lay hundreds of eggs, according to Chanie Kirschner of Mother Nature Network. The eggs hatch into larvae in only a few hours. Fruit flies and their larvae can be brought home from the grocery store if the fruit has already begun to decay, Kirschner warns.

In addition to decaying fruit, fruit flies are also attracted to any sweet, decaying organic matter. Drains are popular sources of food for fruit flies due to the abundance of decaying food matter, according to Henriksen. Drains, sponges, mops, dirty dishes and trash cans should all be cleaned regularly to eliminate food particles that can attract fruit flies.

To keep fruit fly infestations at bay, regularly wipe counters and clean up spills promptly, Orkin suggests. Once fruit flies are noticed, fresh fruits and vegetables should be stored in the refrigerator to limit access.

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